Fight The Winter White

Strutting along the Chicago city streets in what I call my “slumber bag” coat may not be me at my sexiest, but inside I feel like a little snuggle bunny who just don’t care! #longhair

waving Hi in the puff!

The man next to me on the train just said I look as “snug as a bug in a rug.” And you know, I don’t really disagree. My shearling-lined swag is pretty cozy. I can’t keep the warm-oven lovin’ to myself, so the following are my 3 winter go-to’s and I suggest you take note.

1) Bear Paw Boots


Bought mine from Nordstrom Rack for some crazy percent off. $80 bucks for weather-proof fabulosity. They’re kind of boho at least???!?

2) Calvin Klein Fuzzy Sweater

calvin klein sweater

Full grown men have told me they’ve considered purchasing one of their own.

3) London Fog Full-Length Coat with Fur-lined Hood


An investment made only by those after the most toast. Get it on Amazon until it comes back next winter.

K now you have no reason to be freezin’. And no matter how cold it gets, always remember to #smileandwave.

What are YOUR winter weather warmies?


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