Taylor Helps Kesha Whoop Ass.

Taylor Swift just stepped in to help a sister out and I like it.

I haven’t been the biggest fan of Taylor hence her jealousy-evoking Bad Blood gang >>>  how the hell is all that beauty supposed to make the rest of us feel, dude? Can we get a little more real? Perhaps a little curvier, even?

Anyways, I was pissed at the standard set in that vid, that we’re all supposed to be vixens.

But. Now, Taylor is putting that girl power to work, supporting Kesha in her case against abusive a$$hole manager to whom she’s contractually chained. I say, go Taylor. And keep fighting Kesha.

I cant wait to see how Kesha comes through out of this. Because I know she will.

Keep flexing. #girlpower.


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